So with all this drama about the flame being taken through Europe, we have all seen the video clips of the guys in white and blue tracksuits running next to the flame. The flame is a symbol of unity, and lets just say that things aren't very united right now.

Back to superhuman "flame protectors"! These guys form part of a special unit set up by the People's Armed Police, which is sub-division of the army that is used for riot control. Especially selected for their physical strength, size and endurance, these guys have been training since August of last year to run along the flame and ensure its 24hr safety while it moves across the globe in a 137 000km tour.

The smallest member of the giant ninja's is 1.9metres tall and they have all been running at least 10km a day since August last year. Currently some of the ninja's are running upto 50km a day with the torch ready for a fight.

It is also important to notice that these guys don't really care about the torch carrier, but only the safety of the torch. Watch the video that I posted yesterday very carefully and notice how the tracksuit clad ninja's protect the flame!

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