I'm a pretty proud South African. I'm a non-white partial survivor of apartheid(partial because I was never teargassed or jailed or shot at by the SAPS).

I'm generally very upbeat about SA and have taken pride in always being able to see the lighter side of our misery. So what if we don't have enough electricity and that aligns us with the early 1900's all over again? I think its outright funny that we have been trying so hard to establish ourselves as the most stable African nation, but then we go and stuff up on this phenomenally huge level and find ourselves being thrust into the stone age again.
The health minister and her antics is bloody hilarious and not to mention the guy who is at the brunt of just about everybody's jokes lately, potential future president Zuma.
All matters that can be laughed at if mixed with the right sense of humour.

But, and this is a major but, so brace yourself, our crime is a outrage. Honestly, I don't mind the odd theft of a wallet by someone who needs food for survival, a car radio theft, a hose pipe theft. These are crimes that I could honestly turn a blind eye to, and if done on the basis of survival, and given our history of deliberate social degradation, its all good by me.

Violent crime on the other hand is where things get different.

Stop it! Just bloody stop it!

It pisses me off that we have so many damn rapes in this country. If it was isolated incidences then ok, we can blame the lack of morals in an individual and that persons mental instability. But now we have MULTIPLE cases of toddlers being gang-raped. WHY? What the hell is so genetically stuffed up inside of you, that you need to resort to this kind of self indulgence? WHY? Damn you South Africa!!!

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