I would like to consider myself a gadget person. I don't allows buy the gadgets that I would like to, because then I would be sitting in a room filled with about 12 laptops, 6 HDTVs, probably 30 cellphones and more iPod accessories than your average Apple store.

I've made a list of five of the gadgets that have become major part of my everyday life.

  • My cellphone. Cant imagine life without it actually. Running on Symbian with a Opera browser and Gmail installed, I can't imagine a more handy 'on the fly' gadget!
  • My optical mouse. How did we survive ball mouse again? Changing the dpi on the fly is pretty cool as well for hardcore gaming sessions...
  • My Sennheisers. Its a brand of headphones for those not in the know. The noise reduction cups and amazing bass and clarity makes the fine hairs on my neck stand up!
  • My iPod. 80GB of my favourite tracks and movies. Need I say more?
  • My Sony HDD camera. I remember carrying around a Panasonic Camcorder way back in 1995. It was as big as a loaf of bread and weighed as much as Grade 8 text book collection. Now remove cassettes, DVDs, etc, make it the size of a cellphone, drop in a 30GB micro HDD and make sure it weighs as much as my iPod and you will figure out why I love it!
What are some of the gadgets that you can't live without anymore?

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