If you been to the blog before or if you've had the unfortunate opportunity to know me, you will know that I very proudly use the online persona called HoTsTePPa. I've been using it for years and have played in many many Counter Strike sessions, Unreal mashups and LOTR games using it with that gleeful smile as I whip ass with my nail gun. :)

I've tried buying the domain HoTsTePPa.com recently, but some Canadian dude has it. He is an editor for a magazine is was thinking about using it for one of his campaigns. Aaargh!
He has owned it for a few years now, and I'm hoping that it expires and become available soon, so that I can snatch it up. It's not important to him, but it matters to me!

Anyway, the song 'Here Comes The Hotstepper' is pretty cool song. Released by Ini Kamozi in 1995, it has a typical Raggae beat to it and has that true "Feel Good Song" feel to it which is why I love it!

Here's the lyrics and heres the music video :)

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