Part 2: Choosing the Hard drive size!

A hard drive is the part of the laptop that you store all your files on. Think of it as the long term memory part of the computer. Sometimes, it is not necessary to have a lot of hard drive space, but other times it is essential.

Once again, the decision of choosing the correct hard drive (HDD) size rests on this question, " What will you be using your laptop for?"
If you are a media junky and store huge amounts of music and movies, then a bigger HDD makes sense, but if you probably only going to store a few documents and spreadsheets with the odd photo, then a big hdd is a waste of money. It is very rare to find newish laptops with hdd's smaller than 40GB. Infact, nowadays most entry level hdds start at 80GB, which is a fair amount of hdd space for the average user. A comfortable size for the unsure is 120GB. It is not too big and not too small and also isn't a very expensive upgrade when buying a laptop.

If you can afford it, and if you are a media junky, then a 200GB or a 250GB is probably best suited for you. This usually costs significantly more than a 120GB, but makes life simple by being able to save all your files in one place!

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