All the hype about Vernon Koekemoer wasn't really funny the first few days, and then things got out of hand. The guy has become a damn legend within weeks of first appearance. There are websites that are solely dedicated to him and all his posters of fame.

I've been trying to avoid the whole Koek craze, but I found this picture and any South African would agree, its downright hilarious!!!

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2 Opinions

  1. Arné // 10 April 2008 at 07:10

    Really chill dude, but again amazing what 1 picture can do for someone!

  2. HoTsTePPa // 10 April 2008 at 09:42

    very true. One picture changed this guys life forever. He is on radio shows and i heard that he might even be getting car sponsorship from a "Buf Bakkie" company.