MWEB has been doing beta testing on its WiMax towers in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 3 of them can be found in Cape Town, in Plumstead, the Foreshore and N1 City, while 5 similar towers line the skylines of Jo'burg in Soweto, Sandton, Boksburg, Randburg and Victory Park.

An email sent to its 1000 beta testers in these areas, states that ICASA has revoked MWEB's trial license effective 29th of April 2008. This brings to close almost one year of testing by the ISP Giant, who intend dominating the WiMax market with its entry level packages which are rumoured to help establish a much larger internet user base in South Africa, benefiting schools, health care facilities and SME's.

Currently the internet infiltration levels are 4.7% of the total population of Africa relative to the 71.1% of the total population that North America boasts, making them the leaders in providing their population with internet access.

The pie chart shows the distibution of internet access of the world.

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