Deputy minister of Safety and Security has recently come out and told police to "Kill the bastards!" in a recent policing conference of some sort. She was referring to the hardcore criminals that have infested our streets and breed rape, murder and child abuse amongst other crimes.

Since the dawn of the "New South Africa", I have heard literally thousands of complaints from South Africans bitching about the state of crime in this country. It is rated as the most popular reason for emigrating amongst those who have abandoned us and reason for those who have claimed to have lost hope in our home.

Now tell me this, why the bloody hell would you same nagging South Africans now stand up and give the Deputy flack for her statements? She is doing EXACTLY what you all want in the first place. A zero tolerance to crime. We are not talking about using snipers to shoot pick pockets, we are talking about murderous car hijackers who just finished rape a 12 yr old girl in front of her parents before killing the parents, child molesters and those sick f!@ks who rape babies. BABIES dammit!

I'm pissed off at at this nation for being such hypocrites.

Make up your bloody mind! Do you want to be raped the next time you pull your car out of the drive way and then have your car stolen or do you want to be able to walk to the corner cafe after dark again, like we used to in the early 90's. If you really want you and family to safe, may i suggest shutting the f!@k up and supporting this new drive for a no bullshit approach to our crime issue.

Can we stop talking about doing something, and actually let those who WANT to do something get on with things?!

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2 Opinions

  1. Rox // 16 April 2008 at 22:34

    I hear you dude, I wanted to jump up and do a power salute when I read that speech she gave - and I'm sure any South African with any common sense felt the same way.

    The sad thing is, people like to bitch about SA, and everything else. People want change, but they don't want to do anything or support anything that requires any effort or going against the flow.

  2. HoTsTePPa // 17 April 2008 at 05:56

    Very true. I'm such a bit sick of people complaining about the problems and the solutions. Ask them what they want and then they look at you as if you fell off a tree!

    I back this shoot to kill policy and I hope they bring the death penalty back.

    Otherwise, I hope that all those Human Rights idiots who are trying to stop this are raped, hijacked and robbed so many times until they realise that crime isn't just on TV its a damned reality!