Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is probably the most used method of solving a deadlocked negotiation. It's the only way to decide who get's the TV remote or gets to ride shotgun!

There is even a World Rock Paper Scissors Society with championship competitions held all over the world each year!

Imagine winning the last slice of pizza or winning shotgun everytime!

Here's a simple three step strategy to help you out:

1. Play paper first. Rookies tend to lead with rock, so paper is the safest opener. (A savvy opponent will try the same, causing a tie.) If you win, claim victory; if not, start the next throw right away, because of course it's two out of three.

2. Exploit copycats. Casual players often switch to the object that just beat them. You can encourage them to do this by shouting, "Paper wins!" when you defeat their rock. Then throw scissors on the next round.

3. Watch for doubles. People rarely throw the same hand three times in a row; if they play scissors twice, your next move is paper. Also, keep up the pace so they have less time to think and instead fall into patterns.

Let me know how this works out for you!

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