Google's Open Source Browser which is built on the Mozilla Firefox and Apple's WebKit engines and leveraging off the multi-threading concept has just launched amongst much anticipation at GMT 18:00 today.
Strengthening Google's move towards cloud computing and operating systems, Chrome is a set to dominate the browser market with its God-like brand backing from The Big G!With Google's aggressive approach towards cloud computing and software as a service since the launch of Google Docs and GMail, it is very evident that Google has forcibily taken the driver seat of internet trends into its own domain and is surging forward to much applause due its open source platforms.

It was VERY easy to install, and follows the Firefox standard of tabbing pages, Google Chrome has managed to "sandbox" each tab to help secure your browsing experience. Focusing on usability the browser is clean and naturally super fast. The Javascript engine is apparently "a V8" of JavaScript engines.

By isolating the memory allocation to each tab and not sharing the memory or processes, Chrome is capable of allowing effective tab processing distribution across each tab, resulting in a more efficient browsing experience. Up front, the browser comes across as a fairly heavy resource user on your RAM, but if you consider the overall effect it has on your browsing experience, I'd say that it is easy to ignore!

I know that i just made it sound so complicated, but check out the little comic strip that Google released to help explain how Google Chrome works, which I think is an absolutely brilliant way of simplifying such a technical subject!

Apparently the net has been so busy with Chrome hype, that Google has had to clear its cache systems to make way for the actual launch. Searches for the phrase "Google Chrome Download" have peaked today as being the highest searched for term for the day.

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