The last month has seen the South African Rand get kicked to hell and gone by a fearful market. Global recession has been the new hype on the block of late, before that it was iPhone and before that it was Facebook.

But even though the price of the dollar is still pretty much the price of a dozen syruped koeksusters, (since the price of sugar is me boet...its not cheap!), the international oil price is at a low unmatched in about 18 months. Reported to have traded at around $59 to a barrel recently, which puts it at lows that were last matched in Feb 2007 if I'm not mistaken.

35 cents off the petrol price and about 20 cents off diesel is expected to be announced this friday, which also marks the last day of October. Now, the pattern has been that price changes happen at 12:01 on the Wednesday after the announcement... so if you can hold off filling your tank for about a week, you could end up saving about R22 off your next tank of fuel... thats a box of smarties, a coke and a packet of crisps bru!

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