The Nokia N85 has been reported to be better than the flagship N-Series phone, the N96, by an Italian reviewer recently and I couldn't help but to first think that this Italiano was high on olives and smoking his socks!

But oh goodness is this a beast of a phone!

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4 Opinions

  1. Island Chic // 05 November 2008 at 17:06

    Holy sexiness!

  2. HoTsTePPa // 05 November 2008 at 18:50


    I love how u said that :)

    It is a stunning phone! And juiced up with SO many cool features... this is definitely gonna be a great seller!

    Come Nokia... get me one to test and review for my blog! Do the right thing ;)

  3. Arné // 07 November 2008 at 11:14

    Awesomeness in compact packaging!

  4. Anonymous // 10 February 2009 at 09:45