So it's the Internet age. Things have certainly come along way since 10MB email accounts oohed and aahed us all. Even my folks use MSN, and know how to book a flight online nowadays. They still struggle with normal desktop stuff like WORD and EXCEL, but they A for away online.

We've all heard the hype bout web 2.0, and if you are reading this, then u are reading one of the largest supporting factors, blogs. Web 2.0 is the age of wiki, blogs, flikr and youTube. user interaction!

It's been around for awhile now, but making money online has always been seen as a geeky thing reserved for those who made some petrol cash before the dot com bubble popped. But then came eBay, and the world is looking at the web in a new light. And it was only a matter of time until making money online became as easy as making money offline.

But now there's online hustling!

That's the term I'm calling affiliate marketing, cos the name seems drab on its own. It's not a new concept. but its a booming concept. Anyone with a blog, a website, or even a newsletter can get involved. In fact, a true online hustler might not even own an online presence, but merely leeches off or trades online space.

And don't get it wrong, if you think a loft in Manhattan is pricey, you should take the time to check out prices of online property. Popular websites, like,, could charge up to $200 000 a month for a prime spot.

Naturally the spot with the highest traffic gets to send the bill with the highest rent.

Here a true online hustler will weigh his options. Does he hustle online property, or hustle ads on rented property?

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