Dubai is already filled with such architectural wonders that you would think all the guys who ended up designing them were absolutely insane in a brilliant sort of way. The architectural splendor and the designing grandeur that Dubai homes today is quite simple unmatched on the plant and it is no wonder that every wealthy bloke in the neighborhood wants the bragging rights about having the most extravagant home. Finally, there might be a structure that might definitively take that title; at least for a while.

The genius in Dr. David Fisher’s design of the Dynamic Architecture wind-powered rotating skyscraper is quite simply the most exciting green building that you will find around the planet in some time to come. The rotating marvel that this building is, it produces 10 times more energy than it uses up. That means that you could well call it an energy resource instead of something that is traditionally supposed to be energy consuming. Forget about zero-energy buildings, this one gives tons of energy back to us.

Each floor of Dynamic Architecture’s wind-powered rotating skyscraper is a single apartment with the ability to rotate independently, giving residents the ability to choose a new view at the touch of a button - quite a party trick. Wind turbines between each floor will generate a vast surplus of electricity capable of powering the whole surrounding neighborhood. Even to visualize such an existing concept is damn difficult and that is a direct tribute to the creative genius of David Fisher. What most of us still struggle to imagine, this guy came up with it from scratch!

Each turbine has the peak ability to produce around 0.2 megawatt hours of electricity. Given Dubai has an average of 4000 hours of wind annually, with an average wind speed of 16 km/h, the turbines are estimated to produce around 1,200,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year. Four of the 48 turbines in the building will be enough to power the entire tower, leaving the other 44 to provide surplus energy back into Dubai’s power grid. The final twist in the tale is that the building will be made more like a car in a factory. Each floor will be separately and simultaneously worked upon and will be assembled finally like a little jig-saw puzzle! Yes, the surprises never cease to exist.

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