Nelson Mandela, known to many as the father of our nation is getting very old. His health has not been the best for a few years now and at his last birthday party, he stunned the world by openly talking about SA without him. He spoke about his passing. This struck me as concerning as this was the first sign of any pessimism from the usual upbeat, good hearted and jovial freedom fighter.

I've recently heard rumours of underground organisations preparing themselves for the aftermath of Mandela's passing. Construction of safe houses with supplies and military type protection being built in compounds all around the country for the safety of white people when the nation runs riot on this country. It seems their exists this inbred idea that black people are holding off an uprising
out of respect for our hero and come his passing, the black community will rise with vengeance.

Stupid racist plebs!

This nation stands today more free than ever before and the notion of a black uprising is only a sign of the existence of a pathetic racist mindset still encrusted into the minds of some white South Africans. South Africa is done struggling. The only rise will be that of a nation standing together as an interwoven tapestry of skill and development to bring this country to the forefront of the world political, economic and social platforms. Our nation will see a just and civilised community walk the streets free of fear! No drug lord, rapist, gangster, thief, murderer or corrupt minded soulless bastard will be welcome in this country.

A unified stand to honour the work of the great man needs to be called for. He walks this earth with us now and hopefully for many years to come, but disrespecting him or his code will never be tolerated by the new South African generations of unity!

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2 Opinions

  1. angel // 15 April 2008 at 07:29

    i also heard people saying the country's going to go to pot when madiba is gone, but i don't see their logic.
    i'm with you on this one i think.

  2. HoTsTePPa // 15 April 2008 at 07:40

    It seems to be a minority of fairly financially resourceful South Africans. I have heard from reliable sources that membership is open to fellow white South Africans for a monthly subscription. I am trying to find out how much gets you in though.

    Would be great if we could fake an uprising, sending all these idiots running into their compounds and then we leave there all huddled up in their racist brotherhoods talking about spare wheels for their trailer homes! Damn Hicks!