At first, I thought that all these "fixes" that I've been doing to my browser has resulted in my Google favicon to go haywire, so I tried ignoring it. But me being the Google addict that I am, it bothered me to see this change, so I headed off to where the favicon is hosted and surprisingly found that it HAS changed!

So heres the before and after images!

It's super scary to think that an image that has become so important and so well recognized has been side-swiped by this new one! I guess that after a while, I will be able to come to terms with it, but for now, "OMG! Google is starting a rebrand!!!"

To put it into perspective for you, this is picture displays the new and the old favicon in the two tabs of the browser!

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3 Opinions

  1. angel // 03 June 2008 at 19:33

    i am so slow... i only saw it today!

  2. HoTsTePPa // 03 June 2008 at 23:38

    Yeah, most of us take it for granted!

    I would be keen to see if this the start of a rebrand for Google!

  3. kenzie jones // 09 September 2014 at 15:04

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