En route home, I stopped at the Audi dealership to have a quick glimpse at the 2008 Audi A4 that was just released. Which is a stunning car, with a great new look and awesome new console and features list and undoubtedly does justice to badge!

A good friend of mine, walked in shortly afterwards to pick up his car, the Audi RS4 Cabriolet!

After admiring it for a couple of minutes and his suggestion to test drive it, I jumped in and started this baby up to the sound of a soft V8 purr. Dropped the top and adjusted the windows before slowly leaving the premises with 4.2litres of 100% pure German engineered power at my right foot.

The softest touch of the accelerator throws you deep into the full racing seats at paces that are capable of stopping a man's heart! Driving from robot to robot with high revs and pouncing off the mark each time, I had barely changed from 1st gear, before being forced to find the brake pedal as the roads are just not long enough!

Standstill to just under 90km/ph in first gear and a huge pull through on second as the needle smiled at the 140 mark. I drove the Audi down a lonely road and managed to thrust the needle to 190km/h in about 20 seconds, before the road ran out! I don't think that I could have done this with a bigger smile on my face!

Most of the power is found at 2200 rpm all the way through to about 7400 rpm without it feeling as if things got weaker as the engine's purr turned into raging screams!

The seats kept me in place as the Cabriolet RS4 gracefully engulfed corners with a high pitched scream toning down to a soft mellow purr that would excite anyone! Steering and handling was managed by Audi's Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) and auto-adjusted sensitivity as the speed increased, but was an absolute dream around a corner as the ride height and HUGE wheels kept the car plastered to the road!

In summary, this car is capable of bringing a smile to my face on any day and with so much power on tap, makes for the ultimate whiplash inducing Audi without a roof!

I think that I have just fallen in love with Audi all over again!

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7 Opinions

  1. Chris M // 08 June 2008 at 00:47

    Seriously great looking car and by your description, it sounds like one hell of a powerful ride!

  2. angel // 09 June 2008 at 17:54

    ooh, brilliantly written!

  3. Island Chic // 11 June 2008 at 16:50

    I still think you are in the wrong profession darling. If you were selling cars...you'd be a billionaire now :-)

  4. Jared // 12 June 2008 at 06:02

    Thank God for car companies like Audi that still keep performance in mind as well as they do.

    Honestly though, I prefer my convertibles to be two-seaters, but if it's a RS4, gimmie gimmie!

  5. Island Chic // 20 June 2008 at 06:52

    Forgot to mention earlier... I love you baby :-)

  6. Christopher J Combrink // 23 June 2008 at 10:28

    U little shit.

    A mate of mine and I used to go around to old dodgy-looking 2nd hand dealers and source out 'hot' cars, then testdrive them with 'intent on buying'.. good times!!!

  7. HoTsTePPa // 30 June 2008 at 19:38

    @Chris M - Oh hell yeah! The RS4 is just AMAZINGLY powerful.

    @angel - Thanks!

    @Island Chic - I don't wanna sell cars, i wanna BUY cars ;)

    @Jared - I agree! But Audi needed to find a way to make the car slightly heavier to help balance the weight, so an extra set of seats definitely helped!

    @CJC - eerrhhh...