Jacob Zuma's fraud and corruption case has been ruled as invalid by the PMB High Court!
Oh great!

Jacob Zuma has completely stuffed up the credibility of the "INDEPENDENT" Judicial system of South Africa. A system that is supposed to be above all entities and treat every South African with the same judgemental waryness, has successfully proved that Jacob Zuma is above the law!

My question now to South Africa is, why would we want someone who has been suspected of criminal activities (rape, fraud, corruption) to lead us? Why is he even being considered by the public? Is this the kind of leadership that we want?

With a discredited justice system, this nation is doomed!

And why are people still on Zapiro's case?

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4 Opinions

  1. Anonymous // 12 September 2008 at 13:13

    Dumb post. If you had any sense you would understand that the judgement is actually correct under the law.

    Don't get me wrong, Zuma needs his day in court, but you really need to take the emotion out of this before you write drivel like this

  2. Hugh Jacobs // 12 September 2008 at 13:48

    Fully agree with you there.
    His supporters are known to come from lower-class backgrounds, who are fed up with government for not delivering on promises.

    what i dont understand is how can someone who steals so much from the country deliver on any promise. its like mugabe promising the whole of zimbabwe free housing. we not stupid, we dont believe him.

    logically, if you want someone to help you, you dont choose the person stealing from you.

    oh well, havent given up all hope. our last hope is that international pressures will keep zuma under control, not that it stopped mugabe.

  3. Zuma Rules // 12 September 2008 at 14:10

    By now as South Africans we should not be surprised at all at any of the ludicrous and blatant stupidity of people who have places of power in our country.
    Govaaamint has demonstrated this with consistence and our so called justice system has not failed in demonstrating this again and again and once more today.

    If we were to try and apply any logic to the ruling on Zuma's fate it seems that the only possibility that holds any sense is that fear was the constant which motivated the outcome and Cosatu, the ANC youth league (aka bunch of idiots) and it's fellow corrupt bedfellows have done a good job in mobilizing the uneducated and unintelligent masses to afflict itself with their (Cosatu's) agenda which begins with getting a corrupt rapist in the position of power for it's own purposes. Zuma the puppet has slipped the noose and this is to the downfall of our country. The fact that violence was threatened once again seems to be the signature card of what our country is going to become with a puppet dictator at the helm.
    How can violence and crime in this country EVER disappear or even level out to something which approaches normality in comparison to most civilized countries, when the same people who should be leading us in the fight against crime, violence and corruption, the fight for a just justice system that is true to what the word "justice" represents are those that are raping our people, constitution and democracy. They do this blatantly with little fear of reprisal and when something like Zuma can get off then we know we have descended into a society where the party and allies with the guns and masses behind it will do as it pleases for its own enrichment and screw all of us. This is a problem which we now face and democracy today has indeed been raped left, right and center.

    People call this the new South Africa, we had the new South Africa when Mandela was in power, Mbeki through his complete ineffectiveness and stupidity started our fall from grace and Zuma will complete it with further corruption along with his benefitting puppeteers. We are now in a South Africa that is regressing and will surpass the damage that apartheid caused. Corruption is a disease which much like Aids cannot be cured and will not be stemmed since like Aids are government ignores the cause and solutions to curb it. Why, simple...they are corrupt idiots plain and simple. They lack the brain capacity to make any strategic plan or change unless it involves them being able to have their hands in the cookie jar.
    Many people have attested to black people being corrupt by nature. This is highly speculative and racist. People going into government in South Africa, who by nature of the ruling party are largely black, are corrupt or have such tendencies.

    I would further argue that most young people (especially youth league idiots) going into government are not looking to change things but rather looking for a piece of the pie. Government in South Africa has completely missed the nature of it's role as a body that manages the welfare of the country. Instead it has become a corrupt space to conduct shady business deals from. How many politicians do we have in government? Therefore how many government officials have studied political science? Or finished school for that matter? It is all well and good giving someone a job but when it leads to the detriment of a community and country who does this benefit? A few greedy BEE types.

    Government is the ultimate display in this country of how BEE does not work, as it is currently implemented. Giving BEE candidates a lot of money and a nice house where they can stay instead of "working" would probably be a better idea as they create more problems and inefficiencies than ever. Yes in this country currently middle age to older white people have better skills and better business sense than most black people of the same age group. Give them the jobs and let them train the BEE candidate...slowly. Help the BEE candidate become an entrepreneur where he responsible for his salary and not just getting paid for being black. This is better for our economy and wealth distribution.

    The big problem in South Africa is that by far the largest percentage of our people are uneducated and do not have the intelligence and resource to see right from wrong and see the big picture. Therefore Zuma and co are put in power by the unintelligent masses of South Africa who for most part can neither read nor write. Therefore it is quite simple for Zuma to ride through the townships screaming !amandla! and having everyone singing and voting for him by appealing not to intelligence and the fact that he will lead us to become another Zim, but rather appealing to emotion. Mbeki bad....he no sing and dance with us. Has not given us anything (I understand their hope that Zuma will but we know that is a load of bull) Who else is there? NP bad, DA bad..they white. Zuma he sing and dance,..he good....amandla!

    Try that with the intelligent man in the street who can read and has the capacity to put two and two together and see how far he gets.
    So all in all it is the criminals that control our society through fear. Those who have very little and steal and kill for what they can get. And those who have much who drive big cars and live in big houses and fly overseas to buy shoes.. and rape when they feel like it. What would have happened if Zuma lost?

    It is a pity that Mandela’s legacy has been trampled and trod on till almost nothing of it remains. Those who died fighting for the South Africa we had a few years ago must be turning in their graves.

    It would be interesting to see the stats of how many more educated people leave South Africa for good after today’s debacle.

    Interesting book from the looks of it : http://www.jonathanball.co.za/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1797&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0


  4. angel // 14 September 2008 at 20:35

    its sad and scary. maybe now they'll do it properly though?