So you all now that I have this major love for Gmail and I am so glad that Google has finally started throwing some serious money at Gmail and the Gmail team has been rolling out a series of some pretty cool and nifty features lately.

They have just added a feature that bypasses the warning message that is displayed when you leave the content of the mail empty.

Now, I often myself whacking off mails where the subject carries enough of a message to get the message across that I don't need to type anything in the mail... eg. "Call me asap!" or even just a link to an article that I think should be read.

The new feature basically requires you to add "EOM" at the end of the subject header and the mail will be sent off without the annoying message. "EOM" stands for End Of Message!

Check out the full details of the feature here if you don't understand what I'm talking about!

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