The state of corruption within the Home Affairs department has once again come under question, during the recent xenophobia-related violence.
This problem has been brewing for many years now and however sad the repercussions, I belief that it is doing a very good job of highlighting the level of incompetencies of our various government departments. Don't get me wrong, I am not a government basher, in fact I have the utmost respect and admiration for some of our departments that continually impress me with their innovative, organized and well executed plans to enhance "the system", and our revenue service, SARS, is one such example.

With our president once again displaying his lack of leadership qualities and his inability to make a decision, the problem has now erupted into an uncontrollable scenario, that leaves me questioning my pride for this nation.

One needs to ask:

  • Would this problem have been so bad if our country established a harsher stance to Mugabe and his idiot policies?
  • What if we had better controlled borders?
  • What if we had a less corrupt home affairs department?
  • What if measures were established years ago to enhance better trade in this country and drive unemployment down?
Finally, if you are one of those pigheaded idiots out there murdering foreigners, I hope that you lose a limb or two to a landmine and I hope that your children get forced to shoot you in the head as part of their induction into the militia!!!

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4 Opinions

  1. ruark // 22 May 2008 at 23:28

    I think that the guavament has a lot to answer for regarding the state of the country after they have been 'running' it. (i use the term running very loosely) You are right to point out that 1) our boarders are in a state 2) our Home Affairs offices are a joke 3) the govt hasnt done enough in social support.

    That being said they have now created a black middle/lower class that now have possessions etc, and would be LESS likely to go rioting/war-vetting...but i suppose that still doesn't stop the rest.

    I think that if we had (as SA) made a stronger stand against what was happening in Zim, there would also have been a bit more of respect for those who were seeking refuge.

    i was listening to fresh on 5fm the other day... and he was saying something about this dude who called in, and said that the informal workers agreed that the rate per day for construction was R100. So thats what they wait for. Now he says, that the foreigners come in and say they will work for R80/day .. so they get the jobs...
    (and then get this....)
    the dude says "sometimes we have to wait for 3days to get a job @ R100/day!"


    am i the only 1 that is totally dumbfounded by this? so u give up R240 worth of work so u can get your extra R20? havnt u heard of competition?

  2. Christopher J Combrink // 23 May 2008 at 10:14

    Dude, I've just pulled out of dormancy for a post on this shit.

    My blood's boiling.

  3. HoTsTePPa // 23 May 2008 at 18:11

    @ruark - I agree that the social upliftment of a small group is better than none at all and I must admit, there are some policies in place that support the upliftment of of these sectors. Education has also played a VERY important role in the matter.

    The saddest thing though, is that ppl who started their eduction post apartheid should be in 2nd yr college/university, etc. These are the ones that should be the most grateful as they have been awarded with the greatest gift known to man, education. BUT, a large part of these idiot "freedom fighters" are from exactly that age band!

  4. angel // 26 May 2008 at 07:38

    what next indeed... i don't know the zuzlu word for "elbow"- does that mean i am a foreigner too!!?!