I started taking my blog serious earlier this year and it grew rapidly. I never really received the support from the blogosphere that I deserved, except from a handful of fellow bloggers (and my most loyal reader, Island-Chic!), and many times I have considered quiting.

But I kept at it and months later, my blog has overgrown the functionality offered by the Blogger platform and it has become necessary to move it to a platform that can support a custom domain, highly customizable templates and ironically, better SEO support.

With this in mind, I have launched my blog on www.DChetty.co.za and will discontinue posting on this domain. I will leave this blog up for a few weeks, until all my faithful readers have been redirected to my new domain. I will then delete this blog entirely!

Thank you for your support on this domain and I truly look forward to having you on my new domain. If you have backlinked to me on any of your posts, Blog Rolls, Link Lists, etc, please consider changing this link to land on DChetty instead.

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I picked up this site on the twitter waves today and found this pic! This site is CLASSIC and is a must see. It has a collection of #FAIL posts that is bound to have you cracking up!


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A few months ago, the CEO of MWEB, Rudi Jansen announced that a strategic decision has been made by Nasper's to "auction off MWEB" to a company that can provide MWEB with access to a network.

After months of rumours and speculation, it was announced today in a letter to the staff by Rudi Jansen announced that the sale process has been called off.

"Following months of work and endless late nights working on the sale of MWEB, I am now able to give you a final update on the process. Naspers has decided to end the formal auction process for the sale of MWEB South Africa due to current market conditions. MWEB South Africa will therefore remain within the Naspers group.

An agreement has also been concluded whereby Telkom will purchase the MWEB Africa business. This transaction will take some time to close, mainly due to regulatory approvals that are required. We expect the date of closing to be some time in quarter 1 2009."

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This is flipping HILARIOUS!

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The Nokia N810 WiMax Edition is Nokia's super communication device! Priced at about $495, the handset is set to take the WiMax mobile market by storm!

Check out the advert for the hardcore device below:

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Now it seems that everyone has AdSense on individual “tweets.” At least that’s what I’m seeing on individual tweets using FireFox and IE7 in Microsoft Vista and in XP. I don't have a Mac of Linux machine to check if it's the same on that!

I'm Sorry... but when I saw this, I laughed till my eyes started tearing! This is BRILLIANT!

Click on the image if you can't read the text...trust me... its worth it! :)

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Thanks to my mate from iMod, who pointed out that today, the 5th of November... yes "Remember, Remember the 5th of November" can't go without an Obama post!

So here it is :)

If you find this offensive...laugh a lil mate... you are thinking it anyway, you just don't have the Kahuna's to say it!

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Sprint and Clearwire have FINALLY cleared their differences today and the FCC has given the nod of approval for the companies to hit the road running with WiMax! The partnership is set to bring broadband wireless internet to 140million users in 2 and a half years, using WiMax technologies.This is BIG news for WiMax globally! I've been part of a few fairly heated arguments about the future of WiMax and the financial viability of rolling out a WiMax network now, when we have technologies like LTE already emerging in the horizon with a grin on it's face!

To clear that up, LTE and other new technologies will always be athreat to the success of WiMax. Like all great technologies, the glory only lasts as long as the press release of the next technology is still in the mail. But the financial viability is driven by the cost of establishing the network and the cost of consumer products that use the network!

Its that simple! South Africa, you better watch this space for exciting WiMax news ;)

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Just as I finished my last Nokia article, I stumbled across another hot topic. That is the low end market. We have seen the product range go through a major storm of late with the iPhone, the Nokia E71, the HTC Touch HD, etc etc, but we really haven't seen much movement in the lower price bracket!
And this is the cue for Nokia's latest army of budget handsets. Designed specifically to target emerging markets, these handsets range in price from as little as $25 to $90! Most of them come packed with the standard features of late, MP3 playback, cameras of at least 1 Megapixel (but going up to 3Megapixels on the higher end phone), GPRS and browser functionality.

At $25, this is set to be Nokia's cheapest handset ever and it sports a monochrome screen and basic features that we have last seen on the Nokia 3300 :)

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On the back of a super successful full touch screen phone, the iPhone, we have seen just about every handset manufacturer release a touchscreen phone!

Samsungs Omnia, the new HTC Touch range is said to compete, and now.. all hail the Nokia 5300!

This is Nokia's first mainstream handset with full touchscreen functionality. Nokia does have preceding devices that were way to expensive to have taken off successfully, like the N800 Tablet and the 7700. This handset is said to be targeting the sub $400 price bracket with tweaked OS driven by Symbian S60 Version 5 (Yes, I said Version 5!) to push the multitouch screen through its paces!

All About Symbian has done an extensive review on the device and I must admit... the boys at Nokia have been really working hard lately!

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